Member Service: Collective Bargaining, Grievances & Arbitration

TCEU 416 is a highly-experienced union with a long history of looking after its members’ employment-related issues and concerns.

The services we provide our members include…

Collective Bargaining

TCEU 416 is the legal bargaining agent for over 8,000 workers throughout the city. Every few years, a bargaining committee is formed to negotiate a renewal of each of our collective agreements. On request, we are assisted in bargaining by full-time representatives from the Canadian Union of Public Employees.


Stewards are front-line representatives of the union who are trained to advise members on their rights and police the collective agreement. Stewards often also assist in the first stage of the grievance procedure. To find your Steward, go here

Grievances & Arbitration

A grievance is an alleged violation of the collective agreement. If a member (or the union) believes the agreement has been violated in any way, there is a grievance procedure in place to resolve the issue. The grievance procedure can be short if a resolution is found quickly. It can be very long and expensive if the dispute goes to arbitration. Local 416 spends a considerable portion of its resources on grievances and arbitrations because of the importance of protecting our members’ rights that have been negotiated over the decades.

Education and Training

TCEU 416 offers training programs for members who want to upgrade their computer skills, apply for other jobs within the city, write a winning résumé or become an effective steward. Course offerings change from time to time and are free for all members. To view courses that are currently available, go here!

Benefits, Advice and Representation

TCEU 416 members enjoy a wide range of health care and other benefits that have been negotiated for them by the union over the years. Any member with a benefits-related question or issue should contact their Steward or call the union office.


Counsel and Representation Members injured on the job are entitled to compensation from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). But the process of claiming compensation can be confusing and highly bureaucratic. Local 416 has staff with expertise in WSIB who can advise members on their rights and represent them in disputed or difficult claims.

RE: Elimination of Printing and Distribution of Local 79 and Non-Union Hardcopy Job Postings

As part of the Memorandum of Settlement between the City and CUPE Local 79, as of October 31, 2016, the City will no longer print and distribute hardcopy job postings for Local 79, non-union and management job postings to work sites. These job postings will only be available on the City’s job posting portal.

Going forward, City staff who are interested in applying for Local 79 and non-union/management jobs should review the postings on the City’s job posting portal and apply through the portal, as directed.